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Dental Chew

Dr. Marty 4-in-1 Dental Care Chews are a must-have for your canine companion. They’re expertly designed to help support your dog's dental health while disguised as a tasty, textured treat. Oral hygiene has never been so delicious or convenient.

The meticulously crafted formula includes advanced probiotics, micro-scrubbing enzymes, and bad breath neutralizers that help control plaque and support whiter teeth, healthier gums, and fresher breath.*

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An Analysis of Dr. Marty Dental Chews: What Makes Them So Unique?

What Are Dr. Marty Better Life 4-in-1 Dental Chews?

Dr. Marty Dental Care Chews are a comprehensive dental care solution for dogs. The chews aim to serve four functions – they effectively control plaque while supporting brighter teeth, healthier gums, and fresher breath. They’re also a source of doggy delight due to the appealing flavor and texture.*

Designed by animal health expert Dr. Marty, “Better Life” Dental Care Chews employ a recipe that infuses great dental health right into your dog's daily treat. Plus, they’re 100% free of potentially hazardous ingredients, like wheat, corn, and artificial preservatives.*

Spotlight On Potential Health Benefits: Cleaner Teeth, Fresher Breath

Dr. Marty dental chews are the easiest way to rapidly freshen your dog’s breath and help their teeth shine.* Let’s take a closer look at how they go to work:

  1. Firstly, a sophisticated mix of probiotics (friendly bacteria) is deployed to help combat harmful bacteria responsible for dental problems.*
  2. Then, an enzyme blend, employing micro-scrubbing enzymes to help dislodge plaque, tartar, and smelly residue that can become lodged in and behind the teeth.*
  3. A chlorophyll parsley combination then introduces natural deodorizing agents and aids in the fight against unpleasant breath.*
  4. Finally, protein sourced from dried pork liver helps support your dog’s muscles, skin, and coat, and provides a valuable energy source.1*

Plaque and tartar are the culprits behind many canine dental issues, often leading to uncomfortable and costly dental treatments. The chewable format of these dental chews helps ensure effective cleaning of hard-to-reach areas in your dog's mouth.2*

Power-Packed Nutrition For General Wellness

Beyond helping to support your dog’s oral health, Dr. Marty dental chews are a great source of nutrition. Each chew is packed with healthy ingredients to help support your dog's overall well-being, from protein-rich dried pork liver for muscle health to essential omega-3 fatty acids from sunflower oil and lecithin for skin and coat condition.3,4*

Catering To Different Dog Breeds And Sizes

Different sized dogs have different chewing habits and strengths. So, Dr. Marty 4-in-1 Dental Care Chews are available in three sizes – small, medium, and large.

    Small Chews: dogs between 1-20 lbs Medium Chews: dogs between 20-50 lbs Large Chews: dogs over 50 lbs

Chews are created for all dogs over the age of 6 months old, and they are also perfect for older dogs. However, if your senior dog is currently showing signs of tooth or gum issues, or they have difficulty eating, talk to your vet before giving them a Dr. Marty dental chew.


Are Dr. Marty Dental Care Chews Safe For All Dogs?

Absolutely. Dr. Marty 4-in-1 Dental Care Chews undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure they meet the highest standards of safety. In addition, the dental chews are made with natural ingredients free from potentially hazardous substances, like wheat, corn, and artificial preservatives. This makes them a good choice for dogs with allergies.

Despite their overall safety, it's always best practice to monitor your dog's initial reactions to the chews. And, always ensure your dog has access to fresh drinking water when enjoying their treats.

Remember, every dog is unique, and what works well for one might not work the same for another.

How Do Dental Chews Help Promote Oral Hygiene?

Dr. Marty Dental Care Chews promote oral hygiene by doing the work of a toothbrush – and more. The unique design and texture of these chews helps mechanically dislodge plaque and tartar from your dog's teeth as they chew their way through the treat.*

Micro-scrubbing enzymes boost this cleaning effect, assisting in breaking down stubborn tartar and plaque deposits that can lead to bad breath and dental issues. Parsley leaf powder and copper chlorophyllin are also included to help maintain fresh breath.

Together, these elements make Dr. Marty dental chews an effective tool in maintaining your dog's oral hygiene.

Who Is Dr. Marty?

Dr. Marty is the founder and driving force behind Dr. Marty Pets, and he is committed to providing premium quality pet products. A renowned veterinarian with years of professional experience and multiple accolades to his name, Dr. Marty is recognized as a leading expert in animal health.

Driven by his lifelong passion for animals, Dr. Marty has committed his life to helping pet parents offer the best care and nutrition for their furry friends. His extensive knowledge of animal health, combined with an undying love for animals, forms the foundation of his revolutionary products.

*All dogs are unique. Your dog’s results can and will vary.



Dental Chew Reviews

Donna Gent, . . on 10-19-2023
Snooki "Loves" the "Dental Care Chews"!

I got "Snooki" from a Rescue Place and she has NEVER paid any attention to anything!! This is the FIRST time I have EVER seen wag her tail at, or for ANYTHING! She will take off with it and eat it "Right up"!

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